Gillian Money Clip Wallet

70,00 €Preço

Let's be honest here, walking around with big, bulky and heavy Wallet with your pants isn't trendy anymore.
Transforming the tradition of conventional, wallets taking out the unnecessary pockets, making it simple but elegant, our  Gillian Money Clip Wallet comes with sheer grace and slim design without hampering the purpose. Ditch all of those membership cards, random business cards, and odd pieces of paper and take advantage of this minimalistic men's accessory.



Not only the Wallet can store as much as 5 cards in one time but on top of that, you can stretch the card slots to make space for more in case of a need.

The Gillian Money Clip Wallet has a money clip for safe money storage whereas, the Wallet enables you to access the money even more swiftly than traditional money pockets.


11 x 8.5 x 2 cm


55 g

Color: Black
REF: 0004